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Dictionary of Aeronautical Terminology




In 1998 a team composed mainly of Aeronautical Engineers members of HAES and funded by the Hellenic Technical Chamber (TEE) created the Hellenic-english and English-hellenic dictionary of Aeronatutical Terminology. During the next years, the efforts continued resulting in a new updated version of the dictionary.  The work was funded by the Hellenic Technical Chamber (TEE).


 This dictionary can be downloaded  in PDF format.  The size of the PDF file is approximately 1.8 MB.


Dictionary Team


Alevras Panag. - e

Aninos Anast. - e

Goulos Athan. -

Gyparakis Nik. - AeE

Dermitzakis Emman. - e

Theodosis, Stef. - AeE

Kyziridis Elias - e

Stathakopoulos Dim. - AeE

Staikos Ioann. - EME

Tsitinidis Triant. - AeE

Christofidou Anast. -Language Specialist

Chrysafitis Stamat. - AeE


AeE: Aeronautical Engineer

EE: Electrical Engineer

EME: Electrical - Mechanical Engineer