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· The Hellenic Society of Aeronautical Engineers is the scientific and professional

association of all licensed aeronautical engineers in Greece. HAES is a branch organization of the Hellenic Technical Chamber (TEE) and a member of and national representative at the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS). In addition, HAES is represented at the National Committee of FEANI.



· The Society was founded in 1975, and the founding purpose as stated in its constitution, is the advancement of the scientific level of the members and the support and provision to the State of all services of the speciality of the members of the Society, which fall within the Society’s authority, for the promotion of technology in the country.

· The Society pursues the fulfilment of its purposes by study and investigation of all matters concerning the scientific and professional promotion and development, by creating solidarity bonds within the members of the society, by observing professional ethics and scientific conscience, by developing relations and co-operating with scientific and professional societies of similar purpose and nature in Greece and abroad, by continuous contact and co-operation with state and other organizations who deal with matters similar to the purposes of the Society, by obtaining close relationships with other bodies either related to the professional interests of the Society, or serving the promotion of the aeronautical/aerospace science and technology and cultural development of the country.



· Within TEE, there has been created and operating a Permanent Council on Aeronautical Issues.

· The Society monitors and participates in the activities of ICAS, CEAS and FEANI.

· The Society presents its views to Organizations on issues that concern the defined Purposes of the Society.

· The Society organizes lectures, social events and General Meetings.

· There are regular meetings of the Administrative Council every Wednesday at 21:00 hours at our offices.



· For one to become a member, he or she must be a licensed aeronautical engineer, graduate of a recognized and certified university.  The following documents must be submitted to our council:  (1) Copy of university degree (2) Copy of university degree equivalence certificate from DIKATSA, (3) certificate of enrolment at TEE and copy of Professional License, (4) Copy of the thesis or dissertation, (5) Copy of the record of classes, (6) two recent photographs (7) application form and (8) membership card.  The application form and membership card, which are in Hellenic language,  can be obtained from our office or can be downloaded and printed by selecting the links below.   The cost of enrolment is five (5) euros, and the application must be approved by the council.

download application form (pdf file)

download membership card (pdf file)

· There are also associate members, who must be university graduates of other specialty and display particular interest in the development of the aeronautical science and technology in our country. The enrolment of these members must be approved by the council. Further, these members can monitor the Society’s general meetings and express their opinion to the council in writing, however, they do not have the right to vote or participate in the elections.

· University students of aeronautical engineering can apply for membership as associate members for a period up to six years. At the end of this time interval, if they have fulfilled the requirements, they allowed to become members or they have to leave the Society.



· The annual membership fee is ten (10)  euros. The members  can participate in the elections only if they are in good financial standing with the Society.



· Regular meetings of the Administrative Board  are held every Wednesday at 21:00 at the offices of the Society.